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  • KKL-JNF at Expo Dubai 2020

    For the first time in history, the world Expo is being held in the Middle East, specifically, the United Arab Emirates, which is hosting the quinquennial global event in Dubai from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. Originally slated for 2020, the event was postponed due to the pandemic.

    A record 191 countries are participating in this year's Expo, whose theme is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The more than 1,000-acre site is equally divided into petal-shaped zones representing the sub-themes of sustainability, opportunity, and mobility. Each zone features a national pavilion, purportedly constructed from environmentally friendly material, which will remain when the fair closes.


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    KKL-JNF has been working to protect and preserve the environment for over a century, long before leaders and researchers fully understood the extent of the human footprint.  We have spearheaded the creation, management and preservation of hundreds of thousands of acres of natural forests, woodlands and urban green lungs across Israel. Our unprecedented forestry project, including the planting of 240 million trees, has increased Israel’s forested areas by 1800%. These forests sequester 300 million tons of CO² a year, thus supporting global efforts to manage climate change.

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    How do you grow food and provide water for a fast-growing population with a rising quality of life when you are a semi-arid country that suffers from frequent droughts? Israel has risen to this formidable challenge and come out a winner.  A key player in this national effort to do more with less water, KKL-JNF’s innovative water management solutions have enriched Israel’s water economy by a total of 260 million cubic meters per year and earned the organization the title of ‘Israel’s fourth aquifer.’

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    KKL-JNF’s dedication to the protection of the planet Earth is reflected in our invaluable contribution to global knowledge and research, and our continued efforts to develop cutting edge technologies that ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come. 
    Our proactive land management, afforestation and reforestation practices – already implemented in many countries around the world—successfully prevent soil erosion; combat desertification; reduce deadly gas emissions, thereby mitigating climate change; promote biodiversity; and improve quality of life in urban areas.

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Film: Innovating Sustainable Solutions

Established in 1901, KKL-JNF is a leading international NGO committed to innovating sustainable solutions
that balance human and environmental needs. KKL-JNF is committed to meeting the needs of today and building a better tomorrow – locally, nationally, and globally. We contribute to the global efforts for a sustainable planet by sharing our accumulated knowledge.

Upcoming Events

  • 14 October 2021 | 09:00 AM

    Exhibition: Accessibility to Nature


    Spending time in nature is a vital need. Nature — quiet, clean and pure — Nature is a refuge for the body and mind from the daily stresses of work, the news, and screens. Spending time in nature is not a given for people with disabilities. A small stone, a step or a narrow passageway, which most people would not even notice, can be an insurmountable obstacle for a person with disabilities.Although ensuring accessibility may involve considerable cost, we have a duty to ensure that nature is accessible to all. It’s all about consideration for others.

  • 03 November 2021 | 10:00 AM

    Sustainable Regional Planning

    Balancing Development & the Environment

    KKL-JNF and the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing will join forces at the Expo with a joint side event scheduled to take place on November 3-4, 2021, during the Expo's Urban & Rural Development Week. Speakers will include Dr. Rachel Katoshevski, Deputy Head-Planner of Israel Southern District; Mr. Udi Gat, Former Head of the Eilot Regional Council; as well as leading experts and senior officials from KKL-JNF, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Urban Renewal Authority.


  • 03 December 2021 | 11:30 AM


    Through this side event we hope to expand awareness of Israel’s and KKL-JNF’s efforts to make the nuture accesseble to all. Location: Events Room, Israel Pavilion, EXPO Dubai

  • 01 October 2021 | 09:00 AM

    Exhibition: Israel’s 500 Million Birds- A World Wonder

    At least half a billion birds fly across and stop over in Israel each spring and autumn. Their migratory route, to and from Africa, Asia and Europe, is determined by Israel's location as a land bridge between the three continents. This location also accounts for the great diversity of bird species (~550) recorded in Israel. The impressive number of birds in its skies, together with the richness of its avifauna, has turned Israel into a leading birdwatching country.
  • 04 October 2021 | 11:00 AM

    Exploring Climate Change Solutions in Arid and Semi-Arid Landscapes

    The Interaction Between the Forest and Climate Change
    Speakers will include Israel Prize Winner Professor Dan Yakir from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Professor Marcelo Sternberg, from Tel Aviv University, as well as leading Israeli experts, including KKL-JNF’s Chief Scientist Dr. Doron Markel, and Chief Ornithologist Yaron Charka. We will also showcase a variety of speakers from the Israel National Parks Authority, desert-tech and the Mirage Market Place.

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KKL-JNF and the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development

KKL-JNF and the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, comprising 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was created in the largest participatory consultation process ever undertaken by the UN and ratified unanimously by 193 member states, including Israel.

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    • KKL-JNFInnovating sustainable solutions2021KKL-JNF

      Sustainable parks: A Haven for Migratory Birds and Local Wildlife

    • Project name

      Sustainable parks: A Haven for Migratory Birds and Local Wildlife

    • DistrictNorthern Israel
    • Municipal affiliationHula Lake Park, Galilee Panhandle
    • Schedule Ended
    • Accessibility for people with disabilitiesThe site has been accessed
    • About the project

      Sustainable parks preserve natural resources while promoting quality of life for the people around it. One extraordinary example is Hula Lake Park, a flagship project of KKL-JNF in the north of Israel, in the Galilee panhandle. 

      In this ambitious restoration project, KKL-JNF prevented an ecological disaster by transforming 75 km² into a paradise of vegetation and wildlife. In the 1950’s, Hula Lake and the surrounding swamps of the Hula Valley were drained, in order to prevent malaria and promote agriculture in the region. The result was 60,000 dunams of agricultural land for crops, orchards, and fishponds.  However, this also created an ecological problem as fertilizers and pesticides flowed unchecked into Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), threatening the quality of its water.

      The area was reflooded in the 1990s to help restore the wetland ecosystem that once flourished here. More recently, a more balanced approach was implemented, and KKL-JNF created a 250-acre (100-hectare) lake in the Hula Valley that filters the water flowing into Lake Kinneret through biological processes. Thus, the rich ecosystem that once flourished in the region was recreated.
      Another feature makes this park unique: Hula Valley lies on a major bird migration flyway; approximately 500 million birds a year pass through it as they fly from Central and Eastern Europe and Western Asia to the warmer climes of Africa and back again. Our crane-feeding program allows migrating cranes to refuel for their journey ahead without helping themselves to local crops – a perfect example of a sustainable system, which in this case helps wildlife while protecting local farmers’ livelihoods.

      In this prime birdwatching site that is also home to various terrestrial wildlife species, KKL-JNF established the Agamon Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (AWRC). The Center provides first-response, lifesaving treatment, care and rehabilitation to more than 350 animals a year. Facilities include a veterinary clinic, three acclimatization compounds, and a nursery for baby birds.  The center is the only wildlife clinic in northern Israel, and the only wildlife rehabilitation center in the entire country.

      Hula Lake Park today is an internationally acclaimed birdwatching site and a prime example of 21st century eco-tourism. Around 420 thousand people visit here each year; to watch and photograph the birds, observe local wildlife—water buffalo, swamp cats, wild boar and more; enjoy the recreational facilities, and tour the site on foot, bicycle or rented golf-buggy.

       Help protect a unique wetland ecosystem today; ensure biodiversity for tomorrow

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    • KKL-JNFInnovating sustainable solutions2021KKL-JNF

      Creativity Combats Desertification

    • Project name

      Creativity Combats Desertification

    • DistrictSouthern Israel
    • Municipal affiliationYatir Forest, Northwestern Negev Desert
    • Schedule Ended
    • Accessibility for people with disabilitiesThe site has been accessed
    • About the project

      The Negev Desert makes up 60% of Israel’s land mass. Therefore, it was only natural that this tiny country learned to combat desertification long before the world understood the dangers of global warming.  Israel’s broad ecological and environmental vision for desert areas includes filtering and purifying the air; increasing rainwater penetration to prevent soil erosion; lowering temperatures; reducing noise pollution; providing natural habitats; and beautifying the landscape. 
      One ecological initiative to implement this vision was the planting of Yatir forest by KKL-JNF, began in 1966. Though many experts believed the project was doomed to failure, the forest has completely transformed the arid landscape of the northern and western Negev and positively affected environmental quality.

      Israel’s largest planted desert forest, Yatir, has been serving as a living laboratory since 2000. It is one of 100 sites that are the focus of an international research project financed by the EU in the field of carbon sequestration. A sophisticated monitoring station checks precipitation, moisture, growth, natural development mechanisms, gas emissions, air composition, and other factors. According to present research, this coniferous forest-- growing in extreme climate conditions at the edge of the desert -- sequesters carbon at the same pace as forests in wet areas, such as Europe. In fact, it does better: it sequesters 230 kg. of carbon per quarter acre per year while pine forests in Europe sequester 200 kg of carbon per acre per year. 

      How? It seems that the forest’s trees have adapted themselves to arid environmental conditions; the trees absorb all the carbon dioxide they require for photosynthesis by opening only partially the stomas in leaf membranes. This reduces the evaporation of water from leaves, enabling the tree to use water more efficiently without impairing its development. In addition, the forest has its own biological clock: in the summer months, Yatir Forest’s trees exhibit a very low level of activity; in winter, the forest functions fully, growing and absorbing carbon gases at full speed. 

      The forest is also home to the Yatir water reservoir, and to several unique attractions, including archeological ruins, ancient cisterns and caves, and scenic routes.  Here you can also find the Yatir Field and Forest Center – one of four KKL-JNF outdoor education centers around Israel, where individuals and groups from all walks of life can experience nature and engage in fun outdoor challenges in green surroundings.

      Help combat desertification and ensure a more sustainable future

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    • KKL-JNFInnovating sustainable solutions2021KKL-JNF

      Planting Hope in Kenya’s Arid Regions

    • Project name

      Planting Hope in Kenya’s Arid Regions

    • DistrictNorthern Kenya
    • Municipal affiliationTurkana
    • Schedule Ended
    • About the project

      Israel is a global expert in the field of sustainable agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions. Applied agricultural research in KKL-JNF R&D stations promotes sustainable farming and has led to significant breakthroughs in the field of high-yield agriculture and food security in dry climates. KKL-JNF reservoirs collect and store purified wastewater and stormwater that supplies up to 30% of the country’s water for agriculture and 66% of all recycled water for agriculture. Recognizing the importance of international collaborations in promoting a sustainable future for the planet, Israel shares its know-how and experience in this field and others with international organizations and implements training programs in developing countries.

      Turkana, in Northern Kenya, suffers from poverty and nutritional insecurity. It is a desert region with harsh soil and climatic conditions, including lack of water.  The Turkana people have lived their entire life as herders, but the harsh drought that hit the region forced them to look for other ways of supporting their families. In 2010, KKL-JNF stepped up to help. Through the Furrows in the Desert program, KKL-JNF established an agricultural training farm to promote agriculture and create food security and new sources of income for Turkanans. Partners in this project include the Missionary Community of St. Paul the Apostle, the Rotary Club, Brit Olam, The Arava Institute and Kibbutz Yotvata.

      The Turkana locals receive a plot of land and water supply, training, equipment and professional guidance. Advanced Israeli technology is also used to install solar-powered water pumps to irrigate the fields. KKL-JNF recruits volunteers from Germany and Israel to help implement this program. Crops suitable for the local conditions, such as melons, watermelons, chickpeas, beans, eggplants and okra, were selected; sustainable fertilizers and pest control materials were brought in; and water-conserving limans were dug, just as they are at agricultural farming sites in the Negev. Among other projects, KKL-JNF helped establish a date tree plantation in the region.

      This project has empowered families in Turkana’s neediest districts, and the proof is in the pudding – 132 farms have been established so far, and the positive effects are rippling out to program graduates’ local communities and schools, as well as mother & child nutrition centers and refugee camps.  As more locally-produced nutritious food becomes available, the dependence on aid decreases, and the entire region benefits. 

      Help us promote sustainable farming in developing countries and ensure food security across the globe

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    • KKL-JNFInnovating sustainable solutions2021KKL-JNF

      A Garbage Dump becomes a Green Oasis

    • Project name

      A Garbage Dump becomes a Green Oasis

    • DistrictSouthern Israel
    • Municipal affiliationBeersheba River Park, The Negev Desert
    • Schedule Ended
    • Accessibility for people with disabilitiesThe site has been accessed
    • About the project

      Israel’s southern region, the Negev desert, makes up 60% of Israel’s land and is home to 13% of its population. It is the largest land reserve for conservation and development and contains sensitive and invaluable natural ecosystems.  KKL-JNF works with the Israeli government to sustainably develop the Negev; it works to strengthen communities and improve quality of life, while encouraging young families to move to this region and build their lives here.

      Quality urban parks are vital to a city’s quality of life and its economic success. They offer residents cleaner air, open and beautiful green spaces, exercise equipment, playgrounds, and more. By building city parks, KKL-JNF enhances the health and well-being of residents, promotes economic and cultural opportunities and preserves the environment.

      The Beersheba River Park is an ambitious project that transformed an urban garbage dump into a beautiful green oasis. For many years, the Beersheba streambed (Nahal Beer Sheva) was polluted; its banks were used as junkyards; a terrible stench rose from the sewage pools. Today, after major restoration by KKL-JNF, the Shikma Besor Drainage Authority, the Beersheba Municipality, and the Ministry of the Environment, the area has been transformed into a green paradise. Restoration included changing the course of the river, relocation of a quarry, burial of construction waste, drainage of sewage pools and construction of a lake that holds 90,000 cubic meters of treated wastewater from the Beersheba Municipality.

      The 1,200 acre site offers expanses of green lawns; groves of beautiful trees; footpaths and bicycle paths; a 12,000-seat amphitheater; historical attractions; picturesque bridges; a sports area; a botanical garden; and a promenade that extends for 8 km on both sides of the river.
      The Park serves not only the residents of Beersheba, but also draws local and international tourism. It has boosted quality of life in the city, known as the ‘’capital of the Negev,’’ and has made its surrounding areas more desirable. The Beersheba River Park is a perfect example of a KKL-JNF sustainable development initiative, which preserves precious open spaces while reducing pollution and enhancing quality of life in cities.

      Help us protect local environments and create green lungs in cities and towns

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  • Partner with KKL-JNF to Protect the Planet

  • Let’s Cure Ignorance and Exclusion - the Real Disabilities  

  • KKL-JNF to the Rescue: Help us Save a Life

  • Firefighters on the front line of fire

  • Go for the Green! KKL-JNF promotes healthy living

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    Partner with KKL-JNF to Protect the Planet

    The continuous efforts of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) to plant and preserve forests, create green lungs around communities, develop water sources, and educate the public on environmental protection have never been more important. As the global climate crisis escalates, and climate events and disasters become more frequent, we are doubling our efforts to support global efforts and promote a sustainable planet.
    To date, KKL-JNF has planted over 240 million trees; and it works tirelessly to conserve, protect and rehabilitate these forests, and combat forest fires. Israeli forests sequester three million tons of atmospheric CO2 per year, contributing significantly to the mitigation of global warming. To further promote awareness to the importance of environmental protection, KKL-JNF has created thousands of parks and recreation areas, preserving natural resources for future generations.

    Our effective land management and afforestation practices -- adopted by other countries—successfully reduce desertification. We support renewable energy research and lead community-based renewable solar energy projects, especially in the desert.

    A world leader in water management, we have built 230 water reservoirs for the storage of wastewater and storm runoff--vital assets in the development of irrigated agriculture; these reservoirs prevent the contamination of soil, rivers and streams as well as underground water.
    Applied agricultural research in KKL-JNF R&D stations enables advanced yet sustainable farming.

    KKL-JNF supports the research and development of trailblazing technologies for combatting the climate crisis. To further this goal, we are building a Center for Combatting Climate Change designed to support additional research and development in this field.

    Help us continue these critical projects to stop global warming and heal our planet.

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    Let’s Cure Ignorance and Exclusion - the Real Disabilities  

    The right of people with disabilities to equal and active participation in all areas of life is enshrined in Israeli law. For KKL-JNF, ensuring access to its forests, parks and sites is a mission of national importance. Wherever the terrain allows, we are working hard to make sure that everyone can experience the rejuvenating power of nature.
    Working together with local authorities, NGOs and experts in the field of disability, we are adapting our recreation and heritage sites, forest paths, campgrounds and lookout points to suit the needs of visitors with disabilities.
    Examples include wheelchair-friendly picnic tables and walking paths, audio information stations, accessible signage, ramps, plantings and installations that engage all the senses, and much more. Throughout the entire process, great care is taken to adhere to international accessibility standards while ensuring the preservation of natural and cultural assets.

    In addition, we are modifying our guest accommodations and OTD facilities at KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers throughout Israel. Our Tzipori and Nes Harim centers are already becoming popular bases for holding special-needs summer camps.
    In urban settings, KKL-JNF prioritizes the needs of people with disabilities in its landscaping projects around public benefit buildings, such as hospitals, schools, community centers and sheltered accommodation.
    Every newly accessible park, forest trail or bench is additional milestone on the path to a more inclusive Israel, and by extension, a better world. Your partnership will ensure that we get there faster. Work with us to ensure that people of all abilities realize their full potential in the beautiful outdoors.
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    KKL-JNF to the Rescue: Help us Save a Life

    Israel’s Hula Valley lies on a major bird migration flyway; hundreds of millions of birds come through it twice a year on their way from Europe and Asia to Africa, and back. In this prime birdwatching site that is also home to various terrestrial wildlife species, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) rescues and rehabilitates birds and mammals through the Agmon Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (AWRC).


    With a shortage of veterinary hospitals in Northern Israel, AWRC, established in cooperation with Tel Hai College, fulfills a critical role in preserving regional wildlife and the natural ecosystem. It provides first-response, lifesaving treatment, care and rehabilitation to over 350 birds, mammals and reptiles a year.


    Facilities include a clinic, three acclimatization compounds, and a nursery for baby birds. The nursery operates during the breeding season which lasts from March to July and is designed to serve young animals that have fallen from the nest or have been orphaned and need close feeding and care until they become independent.

    Unique and innovative rehabilitation methods, based on international knowledge implemented for the first time in Israel, incorporate special cages that imitate the natural environment and significantly increase chances of survival after release. Three protected acclimatization enclosures -- two for birds of prey and one for songbirds--allow the birds to practice flying and hunting skills in a monitored environment until they recover and are returned to nature.


    Our dedicated experts and volunteers work around the clock setting the wing of an eagle, feeding a baby owl, or operating on a stone marten. Devotion, love and compassion are abundant, but resources are low. To carry out this important mission, AWRC needs animal food (some is grown in-house); medical devices and equipment (from X-rays machines and scalpels to bandages and syringes); cages; netting; heating lamps and more.


    Join KKL-JNF and the dedicated AWCR team in saving the precious lives of animals, birds and reptiles that are injured on their journey of survival. Your donation will help conserve wildlife in the region and maintain a sustainable natural ecosystem.

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    Firefighters on the front line of fire

    Israel’s greatest natural resources, its forests and open spaces, are under the constant threat of fires. A semi-arid country, Israel suffers from extremely high summer temperatures and sudden heat waves, exacerbated by global warming. These, in addition to human negligence, terror attacks and arson are all causes of wildfires.

    Day and night, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) firefighting teams are on the front line, working together with Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services to reduce the damage of fires and save precious trees, wildlife, farmed lands and open spaces. In summer, KKL-JNF firefighters confront Israel’s forest fire season, in which 600 fires ravage about 3,500 acres a year.


    KKL-JNF firefighters carry out a crucial national mission that spans over 300,000 acres. These fires cause incredible environmental damage to the ecosystem, to agriculture, and to property. Every time one of KKL-JNF’s 14 watchtower spots a fire and KKL-JNF firefighters come to the rescue, more acres of forests and open spaces, which play a key role in preserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change and combatting desertification, are saved.

    KKL-JNF has 300 dedicated firefighters who risk their lives every time they step up to the plate. To do their job safely and effectively, and improve their chances of success, they need advanced fire detection tools, protective gear and modern, well-equipped fire trucks. KKL-JNF’s present fleet is partially outdated and not suited to the challenges of navigating in rough terrain, ascending sleep slopes and extinguishing huge walls of fire.


    Israel’s green spaces serve as recreational sites for millions of visitors a year and are also important natural habitats for many species of wildlife and plants. After a fire, KKL-JNF begins the painstaking work of restoring these forests and green spaces. It can take several decades to rehabilitate a burnt forest.


    Help us support and equip KKL-JNF forest fighting teams. They have a world of green to protect and save.

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    Go for the Green! KKL-JNF promotes healthy living

    Israel’s forests and parks are a labor of love for Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) and one of Israel’s most precious national assets. Every year, they attract more than 2 million visitors who come to enjoy nature and the benefits of outdoor activities. To enhance this experience, KKL-JNF has built many different hiking trails, a country-wide network of biking trails, beautiful recreation sites, scenic lookouts, and exercise parks.


    KKL-JNF’s vision of a clean environment and focused efforts to promote happiness, awareness of nature and sustainability extend beyond natural spaces to urban environments, too. With the climate crisis at the top of its agenda, KKL-JNF develops bike paths and community parks in towns and cities across the country and supplies hundreds of thousands of tree saplings a year that beautify the concrete landscapes and purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide (30 kg. per tree per year).


    In addition, KKL-JNF creates therapeutic green environments in medical centers across the country and is a part of a national initiative that replaces polluting public transportation vehicles (buses and taxis) with greener alternatives.

    Scientific studies have proven time and again that green surroundings reduce stress and promote mental and physical resilience; sport and other physical activities carried out in the open air are far more effective then exercise in closed spaces.


    Moreover, the recent pandemic has proved the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a robust immune system, and KKL-JNF is redoubling its efforts to make Israel greener and to improve the health and wellbeing of its residents.


    Together, let’s Go for the Green! Join KKL-JNF in promoting health and a greener environment in Israel.

    Read moreעל Go for the Green! KKL-JNF promotes healthy living