Environmental Protection and Awareness

The strategic vision of KKL-JNF stems from a profound commitment to the protection and conservation of dwindling natural resources while maintaining human interaction as an integral part of our projects. Our forest management policies acknowledge a growing need to nurture fragile ecosystems and provide a welcoming home to a broad range of plants and animals, while allowing these green spaces to serve recreational needs of the community. In recent years, we have integrated our principles of sustainable development and eco-tourism to provide resilient ecosystem services in all our projects.

We work tirelessly to protect invaluable freshwater resources by perfecting watershed management techniques in the south and building reservoirs for the purification and storage of wastewater and stormwater; these reservoirs supply 30% of the country’s water for agriculture. These water reclamation systems also promote soil protection, promote biodiversity, reduce contamination, and ensure cleaner rivers and streams. We help reduce air pollution and lower temperatures in urban areas by building green lungs in cities and towns, planting trees and flowers, supporting green public transportation and solar energy initiatives, and building bicycle paths.

Community engagement is a key factor in the success of our mission, and in addition to our informal educational programs --designed to promote environmental awareness and responsibility among youth and young adults-- we offer educational activities for the general public through our visitors’ centers, our field centers and special campaigns.