Go for the Green! KKL-JNF promotes healthy living

Go for the Green! KKL-JNF promotes healthy living


Israel’s forests and parks are a labor of love for Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) and one of Israel’s most precious national assets. Every year, they attract more than 2 million visitors who come to enjoy nature and the benefits of outdoor activities. To enhance this experience, KKL-JNF has built many different hiking trails, a country-wide network of biking trails, beautiful recreation sites, scenic lookouts, and exercise parks.


KKL-JNF’s vision of a clean environment and focused efforts to promote happiness, awareness of nature and sustainability extend beyond natural spaces to urban environments, too. With the climate crisis at the top of its agenda, KKL-JNF develops bike paths and community parks in towns and cities across the country and supplies hundreds of thousands of tree saplings a year that beautify the concrete landscapes and purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide (30 kg. per tree per year).


In addition, KKL-JNF creates therapeutic green environments in medical centers across the country and is a part of a national initiative that replaces polluting public transportation vehicles (buses and taxis) with greener alternatives.

Scientific studies have proven time and again that green surroundings reduce stress and promote mental and physical resilience; sport and other physical activities carried out in the open air are far more effective then exercise in closed spaces.


Moreover, the recent pandemic has proved the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a robust immune system, and KKL-JNF is redoubling its efforts to make Israel greener and to improve the health and wellbeing of its residents.


Together, let’s Go for the Green! Join KKL-JNF in promoting health and a greener environment in Israel.

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