Inclusion: Strengthening Community for a Brighter Future

In addition to sustainable development, KKL-JNF’s vision for the planet includes a strong, inclusive global society that is built on values of equality, tolerance, and mutual respect. And what better place to start than at home?

Israel is a mosaic of ethnic groups, religions, and different cultures. To lay the foundation for dialogue, KKL-JNF initiates projects that promote interaction and engagement in shared public spaces, enhancing co-existence and driving meaningful social change. These include urban renewal projects, such as public parks and promenades; community forest projects; land development projects around schools, museums and cultural centers; and more.

As the organization responsible for maintaining and developing most of Israel’s forests and woodlands, KKL-JNF has invested significant resources in recent years to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to nature. Our projects include accessible hiking and biking trails, observation points, picnic sites, archaeological and historic attractions, field schools and more.