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Israel’s Hula Valley lies on a major bird migration flyway; hundreds of millions of birds come through it twice a year on their way from Europe and Asia to Africa, and back. In this prime birdwatching site that is also home to various terrestrial wildlife species, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) rescues and rehabilitates birds and mammals through the Agmon Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (AWRC).


With a shortage of veterinary hospitals in Northern Israel, AWRC, established in cooperation with Tel Hai College, fulfills a critical role in preserving regional wildlife and the natural ecosystem. It provides first-response, lifesaving treatment, care and rehabilitation to over 350 birds, mammals and reptiles a year.


Facilities include a clinic, three acclimatization compounds, and a nursery for baby birds. The nursery operates during the breeding season which lasts from March to July and is designed to serve young animals that have fallen from the nest or have been orphaned and need close feeding and care until they become independent.

Unique and innovative rehabilitation methods, based on international knowledge implemented for the first time in Israel, incorporate special cages that imitate the natural environment and significantly increase chances of survival after release. Three protected acclimatization enclosures -- two for birds of prey and one for songbirds--allow the birds to practice flying and hunting skills in a monitored environment until they recover and are returned to nature.

Our dedicated experts and volunteers work around the clock setting the wing of an eagle, feeding a baby owl, or operating on a stone marten. Devotion, love and compassion are abundant, but resources are low. To carry out this important mission, AWRC needs animal food (some is grown in-house); medical devices and equipment (from X-rays machines and scalpels to bandages and syringes); cages; netting; heating lamps and more.

Join KKL-JNF and the dedicated AWCR team in saving the precious lives of animals, birds and reptiles that are injured on their journey of survival. Your donation will help conserve wildlife in the region and maintain a sustainable natural ecosystem.
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