Innovative R&D

KKL-JNF oversees and supports the work of six R&D centers that implement cutting edge research designed to open source a wide range of new techniques and technologies. These centers have led significant breakthroughs in the field of high yield agriculture and food security and enabled reduced use of pesticides. They support strategies to save freshwater resources through wastewater recycling technologies and the use of biofilters.

In addition, KKL-JNF conducts research in forested areas, native woodlands, streams, pastureland, and others open spaces to better improve these natural habitats and the services they provide. Topics include landscape and biodiversity conservation; sustainable forest management; pest control; soil conservation; and more. KKL-JNF’s Chief Scientist Division launches innovative research initiatives with Israel’s leading universities and research institutes; in recent years, these studies additionally have focused on the mitigation of and adaptation to global warming.

Over the past decade KKL-JNF's research partners have grown to include many international institutions and partners, including UN organizations such as UNFCCC, UNCCD, UNCBD, and FAO; the International Arid Lands Consortium (IALC); international research facilities (IUFRO, WRI, CIFOR), universities, the US Forest Service, countries in the Mediterranean Basin, and more.